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Business data

  • EUR 17595232 / 2019
  • 24
  • Central/East Europe
  • Central/East Europe
  • Azerbaijan, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Sweden, Ukraine
  • Exporter, Distributor, Producer

Legal data

  1. 40003820044
  2. LV40003820044
  3. 20.04.2006
  4. Rīga, Daugavgrīvas iela 49 k-1, LV-1007
  5. 2020


We deal with the manufacture of metal constructions according to customer's drawings. The range of metalworking services includes plasma cutting, bending, profile cutting, welding. By attracting our cooperation partners, we process and mill parts, as well as handle metal parts, sandblasting, powder coating and hot dip galvanizing. The high quality of our products is confirmed by the certificates issued.


Diesel generators, diesel generator production, self-structures,
management programs, ship compression devices, engines, leading engines,
leading engine, diesel generator, ships compressor control equipment,
hydraulic cranes, winches, capstans, deck equipment, ship chairs,
steering equipment, flexible couplings, reducers, adjustable running propellers,
propellers. Fire safety systems, electric engines, management systems,
propeller steering board supports, water guns, reducers for engines.