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  • EUR 302166 / 2020
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  • Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine
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  1. 40003879970
  2. LV40003879970
  3. 06.12.2006
  4. Ventspils iela 50, Rīga, LV-1002
  5. 2022


SIA MARKUSS SOLID is a wholesale company that sells furniture fittings and accessories. Our product range includes furniture fittings, furniture and office chair castors, screws, hinges, wooden pins, wooden and plastic decorative screw caps, self-adhesive felt and rubber pads for furniture, silencers, stops and shock absorbers made of polymers.

We offer TENTE GmbH( Germany) furniture and industrial wheels for a wide range of applications.



Furniture accessories, Industrial wheels, fittings, screws, handles, hinges, hinges, guides, furniture castors, office chair wheels, felt pads, felt pads, rubber pads, self-adhesive silencers, stop, screw caps, furniture pads, furniture casters, industrial wheels, industrial wheels, polyurethane wheels, rubber wheels, furniture wheels, wheels and castors, sliders, toes and feet, shelf brackets, shelf holders, cable management systems, magnetic door catches, glass holders, door stops, stop, table legs, felt rubber foam polymer products, shelf holders, glass shelf holders, corner mounts, angles, mirror latches, suspension fittings, keys, locks, tightening screws, screws, euro screws, confirmat screws, bolt-screws, pin screws, threaded rods, axle-box, nuts, wooden dowels, shutters, transport box fittings.