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  3. 15.06.1991
  4. Rīga, Stabu iela 49-3, LV-1011
  5. 2018



The company was established in on June 15, 1991. MARMORS Ltd. activity sphere is retail and wholesale of rolled metal, metal construction manufacturing, metal sheet processing with cnc plasma cutting. In our assortment are square, rectangular pipes, round pipes, hot and cold rolled sheets, beams and profiles, angle, reinforcing bars, black and galvanized metal grating. Material has quality certificates from the manufacturer factory. 


Metals. Metal processing. Gas cutting, Square pipes. Metal. Rolled ferrous metals.
Sheets. Flat steel. Sheets. Sveilers. U profile beams. Angles. Pipes.
Profile pipes. SP gratings fabrication. Lattice. Gratings. HEA, HEB,
IPE, UNP, HEM SIJAS, reinforcing bars, rods, round pipes. ISO 9001.
Transport services. Building structures. Metal processing. Metal structures.
Metal wholesale trade. Pipe beams, rod iron, square steel. Pile planking board.
Manufacturer prices for metal. Steel pipes. Ferrous metals. Rolled
ferrous metal products. Steel, steel profiles. Metal delivery, warehouse,
storage. Cold-rolled sheets. Hot-rolled sheets. Corrugated sheets.
Square steel. Flat steel. Black pipes. Water supply pipes. Pipe cutting.
Metal cutting. Elbows. Elbow short. T-piece. Gas line pipes UGV DU,
L profile, profile, T - profiles, U - profiles. Metal structure,
metal constructions making, production, designing, construction,
production. Mechanical engineering. Cargo lifting equipment, equipment production.
Plasma cutting. Metal bending, turning, milling. Welding works. Transport services.
Screw pile foundations. Screw pile installation, screw pile metal constructions.
for hangars, bridges, private houses, piers, screw pile foundation construction,
without concrete foundations, screw pile production, production,
assembly, turning, milling. Turning, milling works.

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