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Paving works
Road construction
Territory improvement
Improvement works
Sewerage and water pipeline construction
Dismantling works
Paving services
Road construction


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Business data

  • EUR 148294 / 2022
  • 3
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40203081025
  2. LV40203081025
  3. 13.07.2017
  4. "Cīruļi", Bērzs, Zaubes pag., Cēsu nov., LV-4113
  5. 2022

About us:

Building company "MDC Būve" offers to carry out all kinds of road, street, square construction works, starting from the development of the project to the commissioning of the construction object. We work in Vidzeme, Riga, Riga district, but we work throughout Latvia.



  • Construction of roads and streets
  • Paving
  • Construction of different types of fields
  • Excavation and moving works
  • Territory improvement works
  • Greening, greenery
  • Construction of drainage, rainwater sewerage systems
  • Dismantling works



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