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  3. 13.09.1991
  4. Rīga, Skolas iela 5, LV-1010
  5. 2019


Established in 1988, the "Medical Center ARS" clinic is one of the largest and most valued medical clinics in Latvia, which brings together the leading specialists of the state and uses the latest and most modern diagnostic equipment, eg. X-rays, ultrasonography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and PET / CT. 


Medical institution, diagnostics, PET/CT, computer tomography, magnetic resonance,
scintigraphy, mammography with tomosynthesis, x-ray, ultrasonography,
gastroscopy, colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy, phlebology, phlebologist,
vein surgeries, day hospital - shoulder joint arthroscopy and knee arthroscopy.
Lithotripsy, kidney stone removal, thermoablation, thyroid nodule treatment.
Medical specialists - ophthalmologist, eye doctor, allergologist,
allergist, vascular surgeon, children cardiologist, children's ENT,
children neurologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, physical medicine specialist,
physiotherapist, phlebologist, gastroenterologist, gynaecologist,
aesthetic gynecology, pregnant women care, gynaecological surgeries,
hepatologist, homeopath, immunologist, infectiologist, cardiologist,
surgeon, speech therapist – phonologist, ENT, otolaryngologist,
manual therapist, masseur, micro speech therapist, spine surgeon,
nephrologist, neurosurgeon - vertebrologist, neurologist, oncologist,
optometrist, osteoporosis specialist, pediatrician, plastic and hand surgeon,
foot specialist, proctologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist,
pulmonologist, rheumatologist, technical orthopedist, therapist,
traumatologist, trauma doctor - orthopedist, urologist, nutrition specialist.
Dentistry - dental treatment, dental hygiene, teeth whitening, dental implants,
dental prosthetics, orthodontics, physical therapy - physiotherapy,
massage, rehabilitation, underwater massage, Sharko shower. Emergency department.
Doctor home visits. Pediatric home visits. Accoucheuse home visits.
Emergency medical aid team 24/7.