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Plastic surgery. Facial endoscopic surgery (renewal). SMAS lifting.
Eyelid surgery. Breast augmentation with implants. Breast size reduction and tightening.
Functionally aesthetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery. Abdominal
wall plastics (Abdominoplasty). Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty). Rhinoseptoplasty.
Repeated rhinoplasty. Liposculpture (patented LIPEX method). Scar surgery.
Hand surgery. Hair transplantation. Obesity treatment (non-surgical / surgical).
Intimate surgery. Surgical Treatment of Transsexualism (sex change).
Laser rejuvenation. Dermatology. Skin diagnostics. Oncodermatosurgery.
Skin Non-surgical Rejuvenation. PRP therapy. Unwanted hair laser epilation.
Figure correction by acoustic waves - AWТ therapy. Pigment spots,
tattoo, permanent make-up removal with laser. Botulinum toxin injections.
Injections of cosmetic fillers. Facial contours reinforcement with mesothreads.
Cosmetology. Peelings, biorevitalisation. Otorhinolaryngology. Gynaecology.
Laser gynecology. Phlebology. Laser surgically phlebology. Urology.
Urological surgery. HoLEP operation. Impotence treatment. Urinary
incontinence (incontinence) surgical treatment. Coloproctology (disease
conservative and surgical treatment). Algology. Anti-Aging medicine.
Visual diagnostics. Ultrasonography. Gynaecologic ultrasonography.
US diagnostics (pelvic organs; breast gland). US diagnosis during
pregnancy (fetal condition assessment). Computer tomography. Hospital,
in-patient treatment, outpatient treatment.