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Coffin production varnished wooden coffins Valmiera Cēsis Limbaži Vidzeme
Coffin production and sale Valmiera Vidzeme Latvia Latvia
Production of coffin burial accessories Valmiera Vidzeme Latvia
Sale of coffins Valmiera Limbaži Cēsis Valka Smiltene
Production of wooden caskets in Valmiera Cēsis Limbaži
Sale and manufacture of wooden caskets Valmiera Valka Sigulda
Making funeral accessories coffins Valmiera Sigulda in Riga
Burial accessories coffins Valmiera Rīga Vidzeme
Burial accessories Valmiera Gulbene Madona Awards
Production of burial accessories Valmiera Vidzeme
Production of burial accessories Valmiera Vidzeme
Production of sarcophagus wooden coffins Valmiera Riga
Production of sarcophagus wooden coffins in Valmiera Vidzeme
Manufacture of sarcophagus wooden coffins Valmiera Latvia
Production of sarcophagus wooden coffins in Valmiera, Latvia
Manufacture and sale of solid wood coffins Valmiera Riga
Funeral accessories accessories production trade Valmiera Riga
Funeral accessories sales and manufacture Valmiera Riga
Crucifixes cross coffins production production Vidzeme, Valmiera, Riga
Urns, urns production and sale Valmiera Riga


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Business data

  • EUR 89685 / 2023
  • 5
  • Service provider, Producer, Distributor

Legal data

  1. 44103103962
  2. LV44103103962
  3. 16.12.2015
  4. 16.12.2015
  5. "Silkalni", Dikļu pag., Valmieras nov., LV-4223

About the company

"Meltekss EB" Ltd. is engaged in the manufacture and sale of funeral accessories. We produce wooden and solid wood coffins, funeral urns, wooden crosses.



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