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Tools for metalworking
Metalworking equipment and tools
Industrial furniture, 3D designing

Service tools
Work clothing and personal protective equipment
Plastic central key
Metal working hand tools
Metal shelves
Work chair
Metalworking equipment
Industrial furniture


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About us

High quality metalworking tools from Hoffmann Group. Service, consultations. Tools to increase your production capacity! Industrial furniture and equipment. Work clothing and personal protective equipment for safety.

In production:

  • Metalworking tools
  • Metal cutting and drilling tools
  • Measuring instruments
  • Grinding tools
  • Hand tools
  • Workshop equipment
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Saw tapes
  • Industrial furniture, 3D designing, modeling
  • Magnetic mounting technology
  • Workstations
  • Storage solutions



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Storage solutions, power tools and workshop accessories, Power tools and pneumatic tools, Lamps and cables, Soldering tools, cleaning appliances, thread repairs, Chemical products, Cooling greases, Marking, magnets, Lifting mechanism, Brushes, brooms, trowel, Cleaning, Indexed milling GARANT, Indexed mills, Indexable drills, Indexable inserts, metrology, calibration tools, calipers, micrometers, digital indicators, Height meters, measuring stands, transporters, Scales, voltage testers, Microscopes, surface roughness meters, Grabbing,
cutting and impact instruments, Grappling devices, Mounting pliers, Cable processing, Screw cutters, punches, hammers, Scissors, Riveting tools, Masonry drills, Woodworking tools, Protective clothing, Eye protection, Ear protection, Head and face protection, Respiratory protective equipment, Hand protection, Work clothes, Protective clothing, foot protection, Safety seat belt system, Skin protection and first aid, Locksmith's seams, milling cutters, Abrasive materials, Polishing discs, wire brushes, metal brushes, Saw blades, saw frames, precision grinding tools, Wrenches, Torx L wrenches, hexagonal L-type wrenches, Connections up to 1/2 inch, Connections from 1/2 inches, Torque tools, shock tools, Screwdrivers, small drills, Tool kits, Tool boxes, assembly tools, installation tools, Hole players, removers, Knives, blades, Staples, extractors. AIR TURBINE SPINDLES, ALIMATIC, Bison, EROGLU, EWS, FAHRION, HAINBUCH, KOMET, KYOCERA, 3M, BAHCO, ARA, BESSEY, BMI, BOSCH, CRC, FACOM, Fluke, GEODORE, HAZET, KARCHER, Knipex, LEATHERMAN, LEDLENSER, Leica, LESSMANN, Loctite, LUKAS, Mahr, MARTOR, MITUTOYO, SWISS TOOLS, RAACO, RENNSTEIG, Stabila, TAJIMA, TESA, TORK, Tyrolit, VSM, WALDMANN, Wera, Wiha, YALE, Zeiss, ASECOS, Bauer, DOM, FETRA, ZARGES, ANSELL, ELTEN, HARKO, Helly Hansen, OPTREL, UVEX.