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Business data

  • EUR 380742 / 2023
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Legal data

  1. 44103024215
  2. LV44103024215
  3. 06.09.2001
  4. 15.12.2004
  5. Jūras iela 29, Aloja, Limbažu nov., LV-4064

About the company

LTD "Miks D" engages in timber trade, buys logs, saw logs.



Purchase of round timber, purchase of saw logs, black alder sawlogs purchase, buys logs, buys logs in Vidzeme, purchase of logs, buys logs in Vidzeme, aspen sawlog purchase, saw-frame, beams, beam, packing boards, production of packing planks, packaging board manufacturing, packaging boards, without knotty timbers, without knotty alder aspen sawn timber, timber, timber in Vidzeme, sale of timber materials, timber trade in Vidzeme, sawmill in Aloja, sawmill in Aloja district, Limbazi, Valmiera, Saulkrasti.