Legal data

  1. 42103094500
  2. LV42103094500
  3. 31.05.2019
  4. 31.05.2019
  5. "Upeslejas", Sakas pag., Dienvidkurzemes nov., LV-3466


Excavation works, ditch, pond digging, their cleaning. Construction pits, digging house foundations. Uprooting of stumps. Culvert construction. Equipment transportation. Forest works. Equipment transportation, excavators, bulldozers, forest equipment, agriculture equipment. Available Scania 4 × saddle tractor; 4. The tractor is available with the following equipment: trailer with load capacity up to 26, 5t. Care felling sites, clean cuts. Clearing ditches and roadsides from trees and bushes, tree pruning, branch removal, assortment removal, pinching bushes and trees with a pinch head, removal of vegetation from agricultural lands. Forest soil preparation for planting: with an excavator forming elevations( bucket width 0, 6m) . Available forest equipment - forwarder( assortment and branch exporting equipment or equipped with a pull head) . Excavation works, pond digging and cleaning, digging and cleaning ditches, preparation of construction sites and pits, strip foundation excavation, uprooting of stumps, digging landscape ponds, culvert construction, quarrying, agricultural land purification, planning and landscaping works, dismantling works of buildings and squares, overgrown removing, other non-standard works, all earthworks.