Photo 8

A rainbow of beautiful and unique eyes
Wedding invitations with rainbows of the bride and groom's eyes
Clash of photo irises of two eyes
High quality photo of eye on metal painting
Eye photo explosion
Eye photo polaroid print
Eye photo charms, accessories and jewelry


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  5. 2022


Each eye is unique - do you want to see yours from a completely different point of view? "ViiEye" offers you the opportunity to look deep into your own eyes. Looking for a gift for loved ones, friends or your significant other? Sign up for a personalized photo session in our studio and get such a great work of art on accessories, photo prints, tabletops or large-scale paintings from acrylic, metal or fabric, which will give your room a special atmosphere.


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  • Make a reservation by contacting us or using our website.
  • Photos are carefully processed, preserving their original colors and patterns.
  • Get your photos in digital format and printed on the material of your choice.



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