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Pool railings
Pool railings
Railings for the house
Turned parts
Turned parts
Stair railings
Stair railings
Balcony railings
French balcony
Balcony railings
Balcony posts
Balcony posts


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SIA MontMet'' designs and manufactures metal products according to individual orders, as well as performs their assembly. We also provide hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating on request. We manufacture all our products to the highest standards and, if necessary, we also provide documentation.

We manufacture metal frames, stairs, railings and other metal products.
Cooperation partner SIA MetMaster


SIA MontMet provides various types of services:

  • Manufacture of metal railings
  • TIG welding
  • Powder painting
  • Hot dip galvanizing of parts
  • CNC turning, turned parts
  • Cleaning with sandblasting, sandblasting
  • Shot blasting



Metal railings( railing) production, balcony railings( railing fabrication, stair railings( railing) metal fences, fence production. Powder painting, wheel powder painting, aluminum powder coating. Metal railings, pool railings, railings for the house, railing for stairs, stair railings, racks, fencing. Metal products by individual order. Metal coverings. Metal columns. Metal beams, truss, metal masts, Metal doors, various metal constructions, warehouse, factory shelves, various sports equipment, Motor vehicle( car) disks, bikes, etc.. products, subjected to powder coating. CNC laser cutting with CNC laser cutting equipment, CNC turning, turned parts, metal turning, metal parts turning, hot dip galvanizing, sand blast, sand blast, Sandblast, shot blasting, TIG welding.