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LTD "MRT" is an electrical materials manufacturing and wholesale company with a production plant and warehouse in Riga. Successful cooperation with both the largest and smallest electrical material and construction stores throughout Latvia and EU countries, as well as electrical assembly companies, is proven by SIA "MRT" as a reliable and profitable partner in the field of supply of electrical materials.



  • 2000. series - IP20 flush and flush switches and sockets with a classic design, available in white and cream.
  • 2001. series - IP20 flush-mounted switches and sockets with a modern design, available in 5 colors - white, cream, platinum, aluminum or graphite.
  • IP44. series - IP44 surface-mounted switches and sockets for wet rooms and outdoor spaces. Elegant and functional design, available in white or gray.
  • Assembly boxes - we produce both low-ceiling boxes( for concrete and plaster walls), both plaster boxes.,
  • Socket blocks - we assemble socket blocks of various combinations and construction site distribution boards up to 125A, both according to standard schemes and according to individual orders. A wide warehouse of components is the basis for quick order fulfillment.



  • Electrical materials - main SIA "MRT" wholesale direction. A wide range of low-voltage electrical materials from well-known manufacturers - Hager, ETI, SCAME, Elektro-Plast, SEZ, Zamel, Chint, Malpro, UNI-T and others. .
  • Other goods - in addition to electrical materials, in wholesale we also offer such groups of goods as abrasive materials, tools, for home and garden, furniture fittings, household goods, sports, tourism and recreation. A wide range of low-voltage electrical materials. Switches, sockets, sockets, Industrial sockets and socket assemblies. Lighting, lamps, luminaires, LED bulbs, lamps, LED lighting, cables, extension cords, automation, distribution cabinets. Work tools. Installation and accessories. 95% of the items on the website are available in our warehouse.



Abrasive materials, Car accessories, Electric materials, Tools, For house and garden, Furniture accessories, Household goods, Sports, tourism and recreation, Diamond cutting discs, Diamond grinding discs, Fibro polishing discs, Grindstones, Cutting discs, Polishing wheels, Hand brushes, Sanding sponges, Sanding papers, Wire brushes, Accumulator chargers, Car wash, cleaning brushes, Car pumps, Car wheel keys, Hydraulic jacks, Cargo fastening belts, Funnels, fuel cans, Twine, Garbage bags, Batteries, Work gloves, Adhesives, Adhesive tapes, packaging films, Boilers, Pans, Fiberglass ropes, Thermometers, Kitchen utensils, Children's tents, Inflatable mattresses, beds, cushions, Gas burners, cookers and balloons, Inflatable kayaks, Pump, Folding camping beds, Swing couches, Thermoses, thermal mugs, lighting, carpets, doormats, heaters, Sockets, Manufacture of sockets, Sockets, Switches, manufacture of switches, Manufacturing of electric materials, Production of electrotechnical equipment and electrical materials, Production of lighting equipment, low voltage electrical materials. socket blocks, Mounting boxes, Undercasting boxes( for concrete and plaster walls), both plaster boxes. Under-throw switches, plaster switches, plaster socket, Elegant and functional design, white or gray, Extension cord, Lead coil, Electricity meter, Contactors, Motor protection circuit breakers( engine starters), Thermal overload relays, Time relay, Twilight switch, Door bell, Gongs, Fuses, Metal distribution cabinets, Plastic distribution cabinets, Wire connectors, Thermal pipes, Corrugated pipes, Plaster boxes( mounting boxes), IP66 socket( rosette), Socket blocks( rosette blocks), Industrial plugs and sockets( the whole group), Indicators and multimeters, Cutting discs, Batteries, Work gloves, Pans, Thermometers, Mousetrap, Carpets, Doormats, Flower pots, orchid vases, Wine accessories, Folding camping beds, Swing couches, Gas burners, cookers and balloons, Sale of lighting equipment in Dārzciems, Trade of electrical materials Dārzciems, Sale of electrical equipment and electrical materials in Dārzciems, Outlets Dārzciems, Sale of sockets in Dārzciems