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Business data

  • EUR 199340 / 2021
  • 1
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 42103047385
  2. LV42103047385
  3. 02.03.2009
  4. Kungu iela 71/75 – 7, Liepāja, LV-3401
  5. 2021

About the company

LTD "MultiHouse" is a building management company that provides management services to owners of apartments, commercial premises and private houses. Established in 2009. year. Currently, it manages more than ten apartment buildings in Liepāja, serving more than a hundred apartment owners. In addition to traditional management services, we offer to attract EU funding for the renovation of the building, as well as the implementation of this project using EU funds.



  • Multi-storey dwelling house management
  • Commercial space management
  • Individual management



Management and administration of multi-apartment residential buildings. Development and implementation of renovation projects. Real estate administration. Building, house insulation. Building management, building management, building management, estate management, apartment management, real estate management, real estate management, house management, property manager, project management, consulting. Territory maintenance. Territory management.