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Detailed maintenance center
Professional polishing training
Headlight polishing
Body and interior maintenance
Car washing
Car pre-sale preparation
Car maintenance courses
Body treatment

Business data

  • EUR 32811 / 2023
  • 2
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40203243148
  2. LV40203243148
  3. 03.03.2020
  4. 03.03.2020
  5. Kurzemes prospekts 92 – 34, Rīga, LV-1069


LTD "MY CAR" is a professional automotive detailing center specializing in professional vehicle interior and exterior maintenance. We cooperate with the International Detailing Association, continuously develop in the professional field and carry out research on the latest technologies. The goal of the company is to develop the professionalism of the retail industry in Latvia at all levels of activity. Conduct training for new professionals and develop the knowledge of existing professionals. Detailing in Riga, Latvia.


Data-tailing services:

  • Body cleaning from bitumen and metal dust
  • Disk washing with chemistry
  • Light polishing - restoration of shine
  • Deep polishing with ceramic protective coating
  • Headlight polishing
  • Glass polishing and protective coating( anti rain) application
  • Easy cleaning of the cabin
  • Interior dry cleaning
  • Detailed interior cleaning
  • Antibacterial treatment( ozonation)
  • Application of protective coatings for leather finishing( seats - front, back)
  • Polishing of lacquered panels in the cabin
  • Consultative services in detailed car care
  • Individual training in the detailed maintenance of the car salon
  • Individual training in the detailed maintenance of the car body
  • Leather repair and painting


Retailing courses:

  • Detailed maintenance of car interiors
  • Detailed maintenance of car exteriors
  • Wrapping cars with protective film
  • Car leather upholstery repair



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