Legal data

  1. 50003019711
  2. LV50003019711
  3. "Citadele banka", Filiāle "Citadele"
  4. LV96PARX0000570751018
  5. 19.08.1991
  6. 30.06.2003


PVC fence and gate production, production, PVC fences, metal gates, production of plastic fences, plastic fences, plastic fences, metal fences, fences, gates, Plastic fences, plastic fences, automatic gates, metal gates, opening gates, sliding gates, non-standard metal constructions, their production. Metal processing, metal processing. CNC metalworking. Electro-erosion works, extrusion. Window mounting anchors and other metal and plastic components for plastic windows. Profile boards "vagonka" and other PVC running meter cladding products. Plastic shape casting.