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"Nerings" Riga
Nozzles LTD "Nerings"
Starter LTD "Nerings"
Turbine warehouse
Diesel fuel pump
Diesel pump. Trade and repair
Generator sale
Turbines. Car diagnostics, repair
Turbines. Trade in Latvia and other countries
Nozzles and other auto parts
Generator repair, sale of new and used generators
Nozzles. Check, repair
Car repair in Baldone and Riga
Generator repair


  1. +371 29463546
  2. +371 20242420


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Working time

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  • Mon900-1800
  • Tue900-1800
  • Wed900-1800
  • Thu900-1800
  • Fri900-1800
  • Sat900-1600

Business data

  • EUR 3490694 / 2023
  • 40
  • Service provider, Distributor

Legal data

  1. 43603020201
  2. LV43603020201
  4. LV17HABA0551005861227
  5. 15.11.2003
  6. 15.11.2003

About the company

LTD "Nērings" is in 1998. founded company. Its main activities are diagnostics and repair of turbochargers, starters, generators, nozzles and high-pressure pumps for cars, trucks and tractors. At the same time, the company offers car repair services, as well as sells new and refurbished turbochargers, generators, starters, nozzles, diesel pumps, steering gear, air conditioning pumps and other spare parts. LTD "Nērings" operates in Latvia, Europe and elsewhere in the world, as in cooperation with DHL goods are regularly delivered to countries such as Finland, Germany, England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Australia and the USA. The work uses modern diagnostic and adjustment equipment, which allows to perform the work qualitatively and quickly.



  • Turbines
  • Turbine spare parts( CHRA or turbine cartridges, electronics, geometries, etc)
  • Starters
  • Starters for machinery, trucks and motorcycles
  • Starter spare parts( bendiks, retractors, anchors, traverses)
  • Generators
  • Generators for tractors and trucks
  • Generator spare parts( relays, diodes, couplings)
  • Nozzles
  • Diesel pumps
  • Steering wheel mechanisms
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Conditioner pumps
  • Power steering pumps
  • Air conditioner compressors



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