N.Kovriga ārsta prakse bērnu ķirurģijā, LTD

N.Kovriga ārsta prakse bērnu ķirurģijā, LTD

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Legal data

  1. 40203435443
  2. 21.10.2022
  3. 21.10.2022
  4. Stopiņu iela 14 – 64, Rīga, LV-1035
  5. 2023


Natalija Kovriga is a certified pediatric surgeon, who obtained her pediatrician degree in 1985. in 1986, completed an internship at the Riga Medical Institute( currently Latvian Medical Academy) in children's surgery of professor J. Under the leadership of Gaujien. After that, he worked for many years in the central children's traumatology department of the 5th Children's Polyclinic in the city of Riga.

in 2000, a contract was concluded with the Riga Regional Health Fund and permission was granted to establish a doctor's practice, then a contract with the State Agency of Mandatory Health Insurance( currently the National Health Service) and established physician practice in pediatric surgery.

From 2008, N. A doctor's practice in Kovrig's pediatric surgery received permission to provide secondary outpatient health care services at a public cost.



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