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Administrative center and Ogre district

Administratively, as part of the territorial reform, the Ogre district has been established with the administrative center in Ogre, and with the following territorial division units included in the administrative territory: Birzgales Parish, Ikškiles City, Jumpravas Parish, Krapes Parish, Ķegums Parish, Kėipenes Parish, Lauberes Parish, Lēdmanes Parish, Lielvārde Parish, Lielvārde City, Madliena Parish, Mazozolu Parish, Mengeles Parish, Ogres City, Ogresgal Parish, Rembate Parish, Suntažu Parish, Taurupe parish, Tīnūžu parish and Tomes parish.


In the mobile application "Ogre district" on your phone You will be able to:

  • Find out the news of the region;
  • Plan upcoming events;
  • Discover the tourism pearls of the region;
  • Always be on time - using the public transport list;
  • Express your opinion in surveys to help develop the municipality's offers;
  • Communicate with the municipality / Use the interactive proposal platform to improve the county's environment;
  • Receive services more advantageously - loyalty program and discounts for residents declared in Ogre county.


"Visit Ogre" you will find information about:

  • Sightseeing objects;
  • For routes and maps;
  • Accommodations;
  • Catering;
  • Active recreation.



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