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Radiator welding
Truck radiator cores and their replacement
Manufacture of car radiators, welding, soldering
Restoration of car radiators
Car radiator repair
Car radiators
NISSENS official representatives in Latvia
Car radiator repair
Sale of car radiators
Sale of car radiators and air conditioner spare parts
Production of oil radiators
Oil radiator repair
Manufacturing of forklift radiators
Intercooler restoration xtrail
Change of cores
Change of cores
Change of cores
Production of sports car radiators
Car conditioner refilling
Intercooler restoration
Intercooler welding
Production of intercoolers
Changing the intercooler serges
Intercooler repair
Air conditioner compressors and repair
Nissan x trail radiator
Nissan xtrail intercooler
Radiator manufacturing
Radiator manufacturing
Radiator repair
Radiator manufacturing
Radiator manufacturing


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About us

In order to provide the most efficient services, LTD "OPPOZIT" also maintains contacts with suppliers of radiators manufactured by other companies in Latvia, so you can find almost everything you need in our radiator catalog and warehouse. In addition, the company organizes trips to parts and radiators itself, and, if possible, offers alternative solutions, such as using parts from another model of radiator and the like. Customers are always offered a number of solutions, from radiator repair or restoration, which allows customers to save significantly, ending with the production of radiators according to the sample or the customer's individual wishes.


The main directions of operation of the car service

  • Car radiator repair
  • Restoration of car radiators
  • Car radiator service
  • Car service, car repair, car maintenance
  • Conditioner refilling
  • Conditioner repair and maintenance



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