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Sugar confectionery; Sugar pastilles and drops; Zephyr; Marshmallows in chocolate;
Cookies, crackers, crispy confectionery, savory snacks; Rye crackers;
Waffles; Marzipan pastries; Cocoa and chocolate products; Chocolate,
chunky; Bitter chocolate; Milk chocolate; White chocolate; Chocolate with filling;
Chocolate with nuts; Chocolate with raisins; Chocolate, with liqueur filling;
Chocolate, assorted; Chocolate, hand-made; Chocolate dragees; Grape juice;
Peach juice; Pineapple juice; Strawberry juice; Fruit nectar; Lemonade,
carbonated and non-alcoholic beverages; Tonic; Herbal lemonade; Soft drinks in packaging;
Carbonated beverages based on natural raw materials basis; Fruit and vegetable juices;
Apple juice; Black currant juice; Cherry juice; Mineral waters; Natural mineral water;
Waters, carbonated; Carbohydrates, proteins and enzymes; Caramels.