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  2. LV40103359552
  3. 21.12.2010
  4. 21.12.2010
  5. Emīlijas Benjamiņas iela 23, Rīga, LV-1050


Metal articles, metal forgings, metal processing, gates fences. Forged metal,
metal forgings, decorative forgings. C and S-type rolled products,
rings, forged handles, cones, sockets, curved stanchions, straight columns,
compressed stanchions, support stanchions, bound stanchion, balls,
bullets, cast iron castings, adjustable hinges, stanchion caps, spades,
handles, lock pads. Welding wire, sliding door fittings, sliding gate fittings kits,
rail 80x80, rail 70x70, rail 60x70, stainless steel railing elements,
inox systems, mail boxes, garden furniture, metal product color.
Graphite paints, WS-Plast graphite colors, paints for galvanized surfaces,
paint for metal, metal paints, metal painting, gold color, silver color,
chrome, chrome effect, patina colors, cold zinc, liquid aluminum,
anti-zinc, gates, forged gate, stair railings, balcony railings,
glass railings, sliding gates, sliding gate automatics, gate automatics,
Garden tiles, decorative tiles, concrete tiles, Concrete pavement,
decorative concrete pavement, wooden pavement, tiles for wet places,
garden improvement, concrete slabs for walls, everything for fence production,
handles, covers, metal covers, metal roofs, plastic roofs, Wisniowski 3D/2D fences,
panel fences, panel fences for sports grounds, thermo tape for fences,
tape for fences, slats for fences, Double gates, gates, fence world,
flag poles, profiled sheets, profiled door sheets, metal tables,
metal chairs, aluminum tables, aluminum chairs, garden furniture and accessories,
all for garden, fireplace accessories, weather vanes, abrasive discs,
polishing discs, welding wire, welding spray.