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  3. 07.11.2007
  4. Rēzeknes nov., Ozolaines pag., Balbiši, LV-4633


Education and recreation society "OZOLAINE" was founded in 2007. year 7. in November, structural unit - Professional Education Center "IDEJA" 2011. 22 of the year. in february.

Further education center "IDEJA" the goal is to implement professional further education, professional development and non-formal education programs. In order to provide residents with the opportunity to raise the level of professional education, learn a new profession or learn basic skills relevant to the labor market, the education center offers various educational programs, which can be found on our website.

The success of our activity is based on qualitatively organized and implemented training, highly qualified and experienced teachers, as well as a positive and creative educational environment. The result is a professional, competitive employee and a satisfied employer.



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