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Professional products for hairdressers, manicurists and pedicurists, beauticians, depilatory products, as well as products for masseurs and more.


Available in the product catalog:

  • Hair cosmetics
  • Hairdressing equipment( Tools, Accessories, Hair dyeing, Other goods)
  • Waxing( Depilation waxes, Depilation cosmetics, etc. . )
  • Salon equipment( Salon appliances, couches and chairs, lamps and stands, etc. . goods)
  • Cosmetics( GMT, Courtin,Dermedics, u. . )
  • Manicure products( Nail polishes, UV nail lamps, Manicure tables, etc. . )
  • Pedicure products( Pedicure devices, Pedicure chairs, Drills and cutters, etc. . )
  • Disinfection( Solutions, Napkins, Disposable gloves, etc. . )
  • Make-up(
  • Massage(


Beauty industry professionals have the opportunity to purchase products at special prices!

Get an additional discount!

An additional discount is given:

  • For professionals and masters in the field of beauty care

How to get discounts?

  • Sign up for beautyfor. lv
  • If you are a beauty professional or craftsman, send your training certificate, diploma or certificate to online@beautyfor. en or upload it to your profile
  • We will confirm your Pro status by email.
  • Now when you enter your profile, prices will be reduced!

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    Cosmetics, cosmetics, beauty equipment and tools, furniture for beauty salons, cabinets pedicure chairs, lamps, sterilization, rotary tools, depilation, master's clothing, medical cosmetics, Beautyfor materials. Manicure, pedicure, manicure center, pedicure center.