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We provide professional accounting services to small, medium and large companies, helping not only to organize your company's accounting in accordance with the changing legislative requirements, but also to solve other issues - for example, choosing the most suitable way to optimize taxes, representing your interests at the SRS, or replacing your company's accountant in absentia at a time( for example, during parental leave) .

About the company

Our main operational result is transparent and correct accounting and in accordance with international standards( IFRS) compiled financial reports, which play an important role in increasing the efficiency of the company's economic activity and building prestige.

Licensed accounting firm AGL0000018.



  • Development of accounting methodology from 200 EUR
  • Daily accounting from 100 EUR
  • Accounting for inactive companies 50 EUR
  • Entrepreneur start kit 60 EUR
  • Consultations 50 EUR / h
Payment for services is calculated based on the average number of transactions per month and depends on:
  • directions and specifics of the company's activity
  • the number of documents during the reference period
  • number of employees
  • the amount of fixed assets
The price of accounting services is determined by the price of basic services and the additional services you have ordered. Fixed fee or variable fee is possible, depending on the actual transactions of each month.


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