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Business data

  • EUR 5662100 / 2022
  • 38
  • Producer, Service provider

Legal data

  1. 43603015253
  2. LV43603015253
  3. 27.12.2000
  4. 18.09.2003
  5. Beverīnas iela 24, Rīga, LV-1058

About us

Company Ltd "PK Mežs" was established in 2001. with 100% Latvian capital as an initially small company, buying felling sites and properties. The main core value of the company is fair treatment to the customer, it has helped to develop and stay in the market despite the crises and competition.


PK FOREST offers

  • Fair treatment to the customer
  • Accurate and fast property appraisal
  • Fast payment
  • Fast service quality


We do

  • buying and selling real estate
  • forest management
  • development of forest management projects
  • logging services
  • legal consultations, representation in state and local government institutions in connection with the preparation of documents and consultations in tax matters regarding real estate transactions



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