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  3. 06.05.2008
  4. Rīga, Bajāru iela 22, LV-1039
  5. 2018


Ltd. "PL Logistics" is a dynamic and multi-functional company, founded in 2008. Company's activities spheres are board material (such as plywood, OSB, CSP, laminated chipboard), sale, plywood parts and furniture manufacturing and transport services across Europe. Based on company owner more than 15 years of experience and knowledge in woodworking and board materials trade, we can offer our customers the best and most optimal solutions. 


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wood-fibre plates, wood fiber plates, fibreboard plate, wood-fibre plates,
laminated chipboard, laminated veneer, laminated plywood, laminated wood particle boards,
laminated particle boards, pressed cardboard, plywood scrap, veneer cuttings,
chipboards, OSB, OSB boards, OSB sheets, OSB plates, KSP, KŠP, F/F,
F/W, W/W, LKSP, veneer scrap, plywood veneer scrap, laminated plywood,
plywood, veneer cuttings, veneered boards, laminated veneer, waterproof plywood,
waterproof plywood, waterproof plywood, plywood moisture resistant,
water-resistant plywood, water-resistant plywood, waterproof plywood,
waterproof plywood, manufacturing of furniture components, furniture production,
furniture materials, furniture board materials, furniture components,
building structures, formwork materials, mold material, formwork
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office furniture, plywood furniture, bedroom furniture, furniture,
furniture parts, office furniture, plywood furniture, kitchen furniture,
individual orders, custom-made furniture, furniture installation,
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ramps, skatepark equipment, skate park ramps, stairs, velotracks,
transport, logistics, part production, part cutting, veneer plywood,
veneered interior doors, laminated interior doors, Schiedel, chipboards,
custom-made furniture, non-standard furniture production, furniture making for bars,
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