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All for cleanliness
Toilet paper products
Urinary incontinence. For the care of bedridden patients
Medical clothes
Washing and cleaning detergents
Medical clothes
Bed linen and accessories
Washing and cleaning detergents


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Business data

  • EUR 5555241 / 2022
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  • Central/East Europe, West Europe
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Legal data

  1. 40003277283
  2. LV40003277283
  3. "Citadele banka"
  4. LV63PARX0012708100003
  5. 21.12.1995
  6. Spilves iela 4, Rīga, LV-1055

About us

Prana Ko has 26 years of experience in the field of professional household and hygiene products, professional cleaning products, equipment and inventory in Latvia.

The Prana Ko company offers medical and workwear and footwear, beauty care, HoReCa and construction industries. Clothes and shoes meet the specific requirements and needs of the industries.

Prana Ko is a wholesale company with retail stores ‘ & rsquo; Work clothes and shoes’ & rsquo; and ‘ & rsquo; Everything for perfect cleanliness’ & rsquo; Spilves street 4, Riga.

Exclusive distributor of medical clothing KOI brand in the Baltic States and distributor of the Papernet brand in Latvia, which is the world leader in the production of hygienic paper.

The company's assortment includes cleaning inventory, detergents and cleaning agents, personal protection and disinfectants, medical care products, urinary incontinence products, medical work clothes and shoes, hygiene paper products, ECO products, bed linen, terry towels, etc.


Our assortment includes more than 8,000 different products

  • Prana Ko is an exclusive medical clothing KOI( United States) distributor of the brand in the Baltic States.
  • Paparnet( IT) distributor of the brand in Latvia, which is the world leader in the production of hygienic paper.
  • Abena( DK) distributor of the brand in Latvia, which is an ECO brand that produces urinary incontinence products and care cosmetics.



Professional cleaning equipment, Cleaning products, Disinfectants, Individual safety products, Medical care goods, Prana medical gowns, Abena products for urinary incontinence.

Washing and cleaning detergents. Disinfection. Sales of disinfectants. Innocid. Toilet paper products. Toilet paper. Paper towels. Hand towels. Hand wipes. Industrial paper. Disposable sheets. Interlining. Individual protection means. Gloves. Masks. Respirators. Disposable bathrobes. Swabs. Disposable corrugated hats. Gloves. Paper holders. Garbage bags and containers. Household goods. ECO funds. Detergents. Cleaning inventory. Cleaning carts. Terry towels. Robes. HoReCa clothes and shoes. Aprons. Work clothes and footwear. T-shirts. Fleece jackets. Fleece jackets. Medical clothes and shoes. Floriana, Koi medical clothing. Bed linen. Pillow cases. Sheets. Products for urinary incontinence. For the care of bedridden patients. Diapers. Cosmetic and care products Abena. Air fresheners and deodorizers. Flags. Holders. Clothes to order. Clothes with embroidery. Shop Work clothes and shoes. Shop Everything for perfect cleanliness. Spilves street 4. Work clothes and footwear. Safety shoes. Protective footwear. Rubber boots. Fleece jackets. Work clothes and protective equipment.