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PRO invest lv certificate LV 2019


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Business data

  • EUR 112817 / 2023
  • 4

Legal data

  1. 41203016433
  2. LV41203016433
  3. 20.06.2001
  4. 10.12.2004
  5. "Cīruļi", Ģibuļu pag., Talsu nov., LV-3251


LTD "PRO" provides accounting outsourcing services, business consulting, prepares EU projects and business plans. Our offices are located in: In Talsos, Raina Street 10, 2nd floor and in Riga, Miera Street 86, 1st floor - by calling 29136710 in advance. We serve all over Kurzeme, Zemgale, Riga, Riga district. 20 years of experience in the following industries - trade, logging, woodworking, manufacturing, construction, hotels, agriculture, etc. We are unique in that the combination of the highest level of financial, economic, legal and management knowledge gives the quality of 4D services in solving customer needs! We are creative in our industry, which makes us competitive and more interesting for our customers. Our customers see the possibility that when buying his service from us, he receives a fuller quality of services and the best, most creative solutions in any of the offered services! With us, you will receive a rich bouquet of flavors in a very classic industry - financial management!



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