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Floor boards
Wood stakes
Terrace boards


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Business data

  • EUR 8802920 / 2022
  • 52
  • Distributor, Producer

Legal data

  1. 40003877147
  2. LV40003877147
  3. 24.11.2006
  4. Ganību dambis 17A, Rīga, LV-1045
  5. 2022

About us:

Pro Wood has been engaged in woodworking since 2005. annual. The main deviations of the company's activity are timber, sawn timber and finishing boards. The local production facility - the sawmill is located in Latvia - allows you to flexibly adapt to orders of non-standard sizes of timber and execute extraordinary projects. The product is sold at retail outlets in Riga, as well as exported to European countries.


We offer:

  • Sawn timber:
    Wood shavings Construction boards C24 construction boards Planed boards Uncut boards Wooden stakes

    Finishing boards:
    Finishing boards for interior decoration Finishing boards for outdoor decoration Terrace boards Floor boards Fence boards Sauna boards

    Construction materials:
    OSB plates Mineral wool Waterproofing film

    Wood chip briquettes RUF Wood chip pellets 6mm and 8mm Fuel chips and wood chips



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