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  • EUR 146703 / 2017
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  • Central/East Europe, West Europe
  • Spain, Finland, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Sweden
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Legal data

  1. 42102025484
  2. LV42102025484
  3. 10.03.1998
  4. Liepāja, Baseina iela 14, LV-3401
  5. 2018


The company was founded in 2003 year and it is specialized on the manufacture of waterproof clothing. Due to its design and construction, specially selected polymers for material production, our clothing provides perfect protection against water and wind. The material is also resistant to low temperatures. Waterproof clothing and boots for fishermen (chest waders) production from high quality and durable material. New models can be designed by an individual customer request. All products are being tested on fishing vessels in the Baltic Sea in hard work conditions. 


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sleeve protectors, boots, costumes for wading into the sea, capes,
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tested products, In Baltic sea tested clothing, clothing for work in sea,
fishermen clothing, clothing for harsh working conditions, costumes for wade in water.

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