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Business data

  • EUR 47334 / 2022
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Legal data

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  3. 13.06.2011
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  5. Krastupes iela 8 – 47, Ādaži, Ādažu nov., LV-2164

About the company

The company has several lines of activity: assistance to private and corporate customers in the maintenance of their computer systems and telecommunications systems, repair of electronic devices, hosting, creation of low-current networks and home automation, as well as sales of original electronic products. The company also offers troubleshooting assistance over the phone, remotely via the Internet, or on-site at the customer's office. The product range of the store oriGiNaL.Lv includes both computers and their programs, as well as telephones, printing equipment and video cameras. Marketed as new, second-hand goods. There is a discount program for the purchase, repair and prevention of computer equipment.


  • sale of new and used computers
  • computer repair and prevention
  • printer repair, cartridge filling, configuration
  • routers, router programming
  • computer network creation and modernization
  • video cameras, servers, security systems
  • hosting and domain registration
  • IP telephony
  • cable assembly works and certification
  • home automation


Technical support for companies:

  • inventory of telecommunications and computer systems, audit
  • Development and implementation of IT solutions
  • computer system development
  • computer system( computer, telephone, video and access control systems) complex service



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