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Working time

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Business data

  • EUR 129577 / 2018
  • EUR 44200 / 2016
  • 13
  • West Europe, Central America
  • Australia, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, United States
  • Producer

Legal data

  1. 40103082289
  2. LV40103082289
  3. 22.02.1993
  4. Ķekavas nov., Ķekavas pag., Valdlauči, Izstāžu iela 11, LV-1076
  5. 2019


The company specializes in the manufacture of readymade textile articles, except apparel. In the manufacturing process are used natural fiber threads and yarns - linen, cotton, wool, and also a little of viscose and wool mixture. Currently are being manufactured different sizes of tablecloths, table runners, napkins, as well as woven curtains, bedspreads, towels, shawls, scarves, etc. All company products are hand-woven products. 


Textile, linen, articles made of natural materials, linen, cotton,
woolen tablecloths, linen napkins, curtains, towels, covers, cushions,
scarves, bags and other products, home textile products, home textile,
home textile wholesale, tablecloth, tablecloth, towel, towels, kitchen towels,
carpets, napkins, curtains, covers, cushions, scarves, bags, pillow covers,
bedspreads, table runners.

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