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Business data

  • EUR 2307888 / 2023
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Legal data

  1. 40003537230
  2. LV40003537230
  3. 20.03.2001
  4. 12.08.2003
  5. Mārkalnes iela 11 k-2, Rīga, LV-1024

About the company

LTD "RAMKONS" is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. The main products of the factory are the production of concrete and reinforced concrete well rings and their additional elements. With the new and one of the most modern reinforced concrete ring production equipment installed in the factory in Latvia, we are able to achieve high product quality, thus offering you the best. LTD "RAMKONS" - The best concrete and reinforced concrete products for you!



LTD "Ramkons" constantly expands the assortment of well wheels, as well as manufactures wheels according to the customer's project documentation requirements and drawings. Products of various heights and diameters are produced. Sewer rings with a molded base are offered - "čaulas", as well as separate, reinforced foundations for wells consisting of five or more rings. Reinforced concrete covers are used for well covers, they are also offered in a wide assortment, depending on the expected load. A new type of production is a cover made of lightweight, extremely durable reinforced concrete, which is in no way worse than a heavy cast iron cover, but in terms of price it is three times cheaper than it. The most important benefit of the company is a cohesive, rhythmically working team( around 50 people) - highly qualified specialists who love their work, who have rich experience in the production of all kinds of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. The qualifications of our specialists allow us to satisfy the wishes of the most demanding customers.



  • concrete
  • foundations
  • reinforced concrete pontoons
  • concrete pillars basics
  • crosspieces
  • well curbs
  • manhole covers
  • blocks for rainwater receivers, etc.



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