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Sewerage construction
Water pipe construction
Reclamation solutions
concrete products
Different types of earthworks
Reclamation solutions
Water pipe construction
Reclamation solutions
Sewerage construction
Water pipe construction


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  • EUR 389153 / 2023
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Legal data

  1. 44103105997
  2. LV44103105997
  3. 19.04.2016
  4. 19.04.2016
  5. "Lāčpavāriņi", Rankas pag., Gulbenes nov., LV-4416


Company "Rankas Rori" performs construction of sewers, water pipes and earthworks of various profiles. It also produces concrete and reinforced concrete products: wheels, covers, bases, fence posts and individual orders. Construction machinery.



Biological treatment plants, concrete ring storage tanks, septics, water pipe construction, connections to the city track, excavation works, land reclamation. Sewerage construction, Sewerage, Sewerage construction Gulbene, Sewerage construction Vidzeme. Water supply, Water pipes. Engineering communications. Biological treatment plants, Biological treatment equipment Gulbene, Biological treatment plants Vidzeme, tanks, bioseptic, tank, bioseptic warranty service; mini excavator services. Well curbs, concrete ring making, well digging, wells covers, crosspieces, foundations, fence poles, fence decorative panels, concrete products, production of concrete products, Garden furniture made of concrete, Gulbene, Ranka, Latgale, Vidzeme, Gulbene, Balvi, Aluksne, Madona, Rezekne, Smiltene, making rings in Ranka, concrete curb manufacturing, delivery, Rankas Rori. Construction of houses from beginning, strengthening of foundations, repair construction works, repair works.