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Arboretum in Kalsnavas parish
Fruit trees - apple trees
Grape plants
Berry seedlings - raspberries
Seedling trade
Kalsnavas plants
Kalsnava nursery
Cherry seedlings
Ravija nursery
Apple trees


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Legal data

  1. 45401016122
  2. LV45401016122
  3. 26.07.2019
  4. "Rāvijas", Kalsnavas pag., Madonas nov., LV-4860
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About the nursery

Plant nursery "Rāvijas" offers apple, pear, plum, cherry, bilberry, gooseberry, currant, blackcurrant, aronia, golden currant, raspberry and blackberry seedlings. We grow from seed to plant. Plants endures Latvian winters. In the spring, sales of seedlings from 1. april. Sale of seedlings in autumn from 15. september.



Fruit trees:

  • Apple trees
  • Pear trees
  • Plums
  • Cherries
  • Sweet cherries
  • Apricots
  • Peaches
  • Nectarines

Berry forest:

  • Blueberry shrubs
  • Gooseberries
  • Redcurrant
  • Blackcurrant
  • Quinces
  • Chokeberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberry
  • Grapes



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