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About the company

LTD "Regul DD" is certified( ISO 9001: 2015) competent institution of labor protection. LTD "Regul DD" is SRS-licensed outsourcing in accounting.

Principles of our cooperation:

  • Individual approach: flexible document submission schedule, remote submission of documents, understandable language of communication.
  • 100% guarantee: willingness to help, financial analysis, full assistance for new entrepreneurs, fair price.
  • Ongoing support: information on financial status, timely notification of changes in legislation, free consultations.

Our main areas of activity:

  • labor protection and fire safety in the company: audit, development, implementation, monitoring and assistance
  • development of labor protection and fire safety documentation
  • sale and placement of work safety equipment and inventory
  • organization of mandatory health check-up
  • sale, delivery, installation of fire extinguishers and inventory

Our competent specialists will provide professional, high-quality consultation and a solution that is right for you!



  • Labour protection services
  • Fire protection services
  • Fire safety audit
  • Mandatory health examinations
  • Training in labour protection
  • Training in fire safety
  • Sale and maintenance of fire extinguishers
  • Sale of fire safety equipment
  • Accounting services for companies: preparation of documentation, full accounting, payroll accounting, report and declaration preparation.
  • Payroll accounting: salary calculation, accounting of vacation and sick leaves, record keeping documentation.
  • Report preparation: for company needs, preparation and submission of tax declaration, statistical reports, preparation and submission of annual report.
  • Arrangement of warehouse records for companies.
  • Preparation of accounting organization policy.



Labour protection. Competent authority labor protection. Senior occupational health specialist. Advice on labor protection, fire safety. Full service labour protection services. Introduction of labor protection systems, arrangement, maintenance. Occupational health and safety documentation. Work safety instructions. Labor protection briefing. Health and safety log book. Internal monitoring of the working environment. Work environment lighting, noise, microclimate measurements. Work environment risk assessment. Action plan. Fire safety audit. Work safety in company. Work safety briefing. Training. Training of forklift and electric forklift operators. Sling training. Lift operator training. Training of an overhead bridge crane operator. Telfer operator training. Brush cutter operator training. Occupational physician. Mandatory health check. Creating OVP cards. Accident investigation. Fire safety. Fire safety audit. Fire safety instruction. Fire-safety logbooks. Fire extinguisher. Sale of fire-extinguishers. Fire extinguisher refilling. Extinguisher inventory. Practical training in fire fighting. Instruction in fire safety. Work safety marks. Informative labels. Fluorescent signs, stickers. Construction boards. Evacuation plans. Individual protection means. Smoke detectors. First-aid kits. Salary calculations. Remotely accountancy services. Audit. Balance. Declarations. Dividends. Documents. Document keeping. Documents drafting. Preparation of documents for the company register EDS. Reports. Documentation preparation. Financial consultations. Annual audit. Annual declaration. Annual report. Preparation of annual reviews. Accountancy. Accountancy. Accounting outsourcing. Arrangement of accounting documents. Accounting consultations. Accountancy services. Accounting company. Accountant. Accountancy. Inner audit. Record keeping. License. Taxes. Tax reports. Tax declarations. Tax consultations. Tax planning. Warehouse goods inventory. Preparation of reports. Self-employed. Taxes payable by self-employed. Value-added tax. Full accounting cycle. Goods inventory. Bill payments. SRS reports. Corporate income tax.