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Rechargeable behind-the-ear hearing aid
Prompt series hearing aids
Hearing aids with built-in acoustic motion sensors


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  5. Krišjāņa Barona iela 64 – 23, Rīga, LV-1011

About the company

SIA ReTone employs experienced employees with more than 20 years of experience in working with hearing aids. Both technical service and hearing acoustics engineers and customer service specialists work in our team. The company's technical staff have received training from hearing aid and audiological equipment manufacturers, and have completed both audiology courses and hearing acoustics and programming of the latest hearing aids( adjustment) software, thus ensuring accurate adjustment of the hearing aids( adjustment) for each client's individual hearing loss and performs high-quality maintenance and repair of hearing aids in the shortest possible time. In order to take care of our customers, our specialists annually update their knowledge in courses organized by manufacturers in order to offer quality services based on the latest technologies!



We offer a wide range of digital behind-the-ear and inner-ear hearing aids. We provide:

  • Adjustment of devices( application) according to each person's individual hearing loss
  • Production of in-ear hearing aids
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repair of sold devices
  • The manufacture of individual ear inserts
  • Production of swimming pads
  • Making individual ear plugs for connecting sound monitors
  • Sale, service and repair of audiological equipment



For the convenience of our customers, we travel to the largest cities in Latvia. On trips, just like in the office, we have all the necessary equipment for hearing tests - for determining hearing loss and adjusting hearing aids according to the individual needs of each client. The range of hearing aids offered is practically the same as in the Riga office. If necessary, we go to the customer's home.


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