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steel flues
steel flues
Black steel connection pipes
furnace connections
steel flues
insulating flues
steel flues
furnace connections
heat pipe
furnace connections
Condensate container
furnace connections


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Steel chimneys and metal chimneys manufactured in Latvia by LTD RGJ

LTD "RGJ" offers manufactured in Latvia, certified light metal insulated chimneys, made of high-quality stainless steel and complying with EU standards. Our manufactured chimneys are part of a modern, efficient heating system. Rapidly rising prices and the fight for ecology force people to choose other heating options. However, only changing the heating device to a newer, more modern and more efficient one will not be enough. It is necessary to modernize or install a new chimney.
We offer standard manufactured double walled flues with insulation, stainless steel casings to protect your old brick chimney and black metal connection pipes to connect the heating appliance to the flue. All products are manufactured only from high-class, certified materials, using the most modern technologies.


LTD "RGJ" offers:

  • Single wall stainless steel flues
  • Double-wall insulating flues( outer casing material and color optional)
  • Black steel connection pipes
  • Oval stainless steel lining
  • Water boilers
  • Accessories


For private individuals and industrial companies

With chimneys manufactured by us( for chimneys) customers such as owners of small backyard saunas, residents of elegant private houses, builders of private villages and huge industrial companies are satisfied. LTD "RGJ" is constantly developing and expanding in order to be able to compete not only in Latvia, but also in Europe, where our products have already been evaluated by the demanding Germans.

We respect our customers and their wishes, so we produce with the utmost respect for the customer.



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