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  2. 11.03.1991
  3. Rīga, Abulas iela 11, LV-1026
  4. 2019
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Mixed feed for birds, (birds. sk. combined forage for broilers "Prestarters",
pigs, (pigs. sk. compound feed for piglets "Prestarters", cattle,
(neats rabbits, (rabbits) for fish, (fish) feed for dogs, dog food,
complete dry food for dogs “Draugs”. Combined feed, (combicorm,
combined food) manufacturing, trade, wholesale. Protein concentrate,
(concentrates) beasts for fur, (beasts) for winter and summer periods: soy spit,
fishmeal, hemoglobin meal, poultry meal, hydrolyzed feather meal,
antioxidant, dry substance, protein, fat, wood fiber, ashes. Complete feed for piglets,
(piglets, pig breeding) "Prestarters". Premix - a homogeneous mixture
of crushed to the required size of micro components and adjuvants,
intended to enrich the compound feed and protein-vitamin-mineral
supplements for farm animals and birds and increase their productivity.
Wide premixes, (production for assortment of birds, pigs, cattle.
Protein vitamin mineral concentrate, (concentrates) mixture, (mixtures).
OVMK is used as an additive in the grain rations. SIA "Rīgas kombinēto
lopbarības rūpnīca" is one of the oldest companies in Latvia,
who produces feed, premixes, mineral supplements, protein vitamin
mineral concentrates for farm animals, (animals) and birds, feed for dogs,
protein concentrates for fur-bearing animals. Animal supplementary food.
Fish feed. Off-site trade. Feed production.