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Used tyres.
Disc repair, wheel rolling, wheel straightening, disc welding.
New Kormoran tires.
New BMW rims.
Air conditioner refilling and repair, freon refilling.
Conditioner refilling, air-conditioner repair.
Conditioner refilling, air-conditioner repair.
Tyres and wheels.
Tyres and wheels.
Tyre assembly, disc repair, tyre service.
Tyre assembly, disc repair, tyre service.
Tyre assembly, disc repair, tyre service.
Tyre assembly, disc repair, tyre service.
BMW rims E46, rims BBS wheels.
Wheels and tires, tyre assembly.
New wheels and tires.
Moto tyre assembly, motorcycle tire assembly.
Tyres and wheels.
TPMS pressure sensors and programming.
Customer waiting room.


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  • EUR 476333 / 2022
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Legal data

  1. 40103320760
  2. LV40103320760
  3. 09.09.2010
  4. 09.09.2010
  5. Čiekurkalna 2. līnija 49A – 12, Rīga, LV-1026


The company was founded in 2010. year and is engaged in the sale, service and repair of tires and wheels. We offer our customers high-quality tire assembly, balancing, repair and storage of off-season tires. We also program and calibrate tire pressure monitoring systems on site. In the summer seasons we offer car air conditioner refilling and diagnostics. We offer:

  • New and used tyres
  • Summer and winter tires
  • Alloy and steel wheels
  • Motorcycle tyres
  • Disk repair
  • Conditioner refilling and diagnostics
  • TPMS system calibration
  • Tire fitting, balancing and storage
  • Wheel alignment



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