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Waterproofing for pools
Rubber coverings for children's playgrounds
Rubber granules for children's playgrounds
Pipe coating
Waterproofing for roofs
Car cargo box covering
Cargo compartment covering
Garden furniture
Roof waterproofing
hangar insulation with polyurethane
hangar insulation
antistatic floor
antistatic epoxy coating
pool waterproofing
pool coatings
restoration of pools
concrete under glass
seamless pavements for parking spaces
epoxy coatings for food processing
building insulation
insulation of buildings with insulation panels made in Latvia
floor on floor
floor coverings for factories
floor coverings for shops
waterproofing for terraces
hygienic wall paints for the food industry
individually designed floor coverings
restoration of stairs in schools
stair restoration
coverings for car garages
varnishing of wooden floors
wooden floor restoration
varnish for a plank floor
polyurethane foam thermal insulation
coverings for the public sector
renovating the gym floor
gym repair
gym floor repair
terrace coverings
bath tub restoration
easy-to-maintain floor in technical rooms


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RITOLS has been developing seamless polymer coatings for floors in the industrial, public and private sectors for more than 20 years. We have been cooperating with the company for the last 10 years "Flowcrete", one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic and vinyl ester coating systems.



Heat insulation, industrial floors, Stair restoration. Concrete floor coatings, industrial, industrial, food industry epoxy floors. Mechanically very durable, quick to assembly floor. Without noise and dust, without interrupting the exploitation of premises renewable floor. Flexible, non-slip, resistant floor tiles. Tiles with a unique opportunity to print any logo or image, photo, with a wear resistant layer. Special elements, ramps, for existing floor joints. Special tiles with drainage holes for excess fluid drainage, for wash, pools. Swimming pool tiles, floor tiles with perfectly straight joints. Multi-storey car park and garage polyurethane and acrylic coatings, easy to assembly, high-strength PVC, ( PVC) floor tiles -Traficline. Stair restoration - UT-10, FLOWCRETE, stair treads. Wooden floor restoration. Coatings. Sports floor coverings, for sports gyms courses, for school gyms, children playground surfaces. Rubber granule tiles, rubber granule coverings, rubber granule flooring sale, rubber granule tiles for children's playground. Rubber granule tracks. Rubber pellet mats around skating rinks, rubber granule mats, rubber granule mats for different sports grounds, rubber granule mats for shooting ranges, rubber granule mats in stables and equestrian centers, rubber pellet mats for roof terraces, rubber pellet mats for garden paths. Rubber granule mats, Polyurea coatings. Polyurea coatings. Chemically resistant coatings for water towers, water towers coverings. Pool coatings, pool waterproofing, mechanically durable waterproofing, balcony waterproofing, terrace waterproofing. UV resistant coating, coatings. Design, materials for design furniture, designer, Garden furniture, material for manufacture of garden furniture. Waterproof furniture manufacturing coating. Coating for waterproof furniture. Auto anti-corrosion coating, car waterproof coating, car cargo compartment coverings, car sound insulation coatings, Car lining with protective coating. Polyurethane heat insulation, flat roof heat and waterproofing LATPORS, ELASTOGRAN, hangars, hangar, building, reservoir, attic, basement insulation, residential house, roof, oil storage tanks and pipelines, refrigerators camera, hangar etc.. heat and waterproofing with foam polyurethane. Polyurethane coatings, Colorless coating, One-color tinted coating for concrete, Tinted coating with embedded quartz sand, Polyurethanes, for wood floors. After reinforcement with polyurethane composition "UT-10" concrete floor is much stronger. Colorless coating, ( surface priming) uses, to reinforce concrete floors or stairs and give it visual appeal. Suitable coating for warehouses, for production facilities, for auxiliary premises, garages, requiring a hard and tear-resistant dust-free surface. Priming composition made of polyurethane "UT-10" no longer foams or wears out. No special skills are required to work with polyurethane. Solid tinted coating "UT-10", ( available 20 shade options) . Tinted polyurethane compositions are two-component systems, intended for concrete floors and stairs upper coating, ( "top coating" ) for creation, fast coating applicator. Tinted coating with embedded quartz sand with increased surfacing wear resistance. Coverings for special floor wear resistance, for trucks, "for dresses" etc.. Wooden plank and parquet floor coating restoration and protection materials, two-component, fast drying polyurethane varnish UT-7. Polyurethane. Clear varnish with very good mechanical properties and resistance to abrasion, wood floor restoration varnish, floor restoration, coating varnish for gyms. Particularly suitable varnish for old plank and parquet restoration. Filler. Ideal board paint plaster for gap and crack filling. Primers, bottom varnish, as a sealing layer, floors for smooth shine and wooden texture, polyurethane and epoxy lacquer trade for professionals. Bath tub restoration, renovation. Pool coatings. Polyurethane elastomeric coatings. Two-component polyurethane and epoxy compositions can be used to cover surfaces both indoors, and outdoors. Materials are used for concrete and wood, ( polyurethane) floor and stair-coating creation. Surface coating increases floor and stairs mechanical strength, completely prevents wear and dust formation in production facilities, in workshops, in warehouses and premises, where floors must be smooth and clean. Coatings successfully endures stacker and car created load. Seamless floor with floor joints with walls that meet hygiene requirements, sewerage, for drain channels. High humidity, chemical and mechanical strength resistant coatings, ( chemical compounds - acids do not work, salts, organic solvents) . Coatings with good shock and heat resistance, ( from -30 to +180 C), as well as increased fire resistance, concrete surface conversion to composite materials with high mechanical strength and hardness. Chips, ( PVA flakes) flooring. Colored quartz sand coating. Coating for parking, Antistatic coating. Pool surface coating. Tinted epoxy coatings for factories, for hospitals, car washes, car repair shops, for supermarkets, for offices, for restaurants, for cafes, places, where is intended an intense load on the coating surface. Easy to clean and visually beautiful. Very wide range of colors, possibility coatings with different color combinations. Epoxy coatings for floors and stairs, non-slip pool coverings. Sale of finishing materials. Aesthetically handsome coatings with antibacterial properties. Also, these coatings can be installed in supermarkets, exhibition halls, in garages and other places, where there are very heavy loads on the floors. Concrete primer composition, closing concrete coating top layer. Construction materials. Institute of Wood Chemistry Laboratory of Polymer produced building materials. Thermal insulation materials - polyurethane foam "Latpor" and "Lagopur" . Metal anticorrosion protective coating. Anti-rust protection. With PU varnishes coated concrete floors can be operated at temperatures from minus 60 to + 180 C. Varnishes "UT-10" there is also increased fire resistance, due to which this particular coating is recommended by the State fire and rescue service for evacuation routes and evacuation stair covering. Ripor. Quickly to assembly, high chemical and mechanical resistant surface without pores. Easy to clean, wear-resistant varnish, low cost coating, excellent basis for other polymer coatings, varnish, valid for non-professional use. Certified coating for use in food production premises, Coverage with the hygienic assessment of the Environmental Health Center, Coating with a certificate of conformity. Anti-corrosion coating of metals also on the corrosion, ( maroon) metal surfaces, mechanically cleaning only free-flowing iron corrosion products. Protection of metals from low and high temperature exposure, humidity, ultraviolet radiation, sea mist, as well as in places with sudden changes in temperature. Dielectric coating, for electronics and electrical engineering companies. Polyurethane varnish for chip coating. Guaranteed protection against environmental influences, with high dielectric properties. Moisture-resistant polyurethane adhesive "UT-100" with high adhesion, ( adhesiveness) for metal, for wood, for concrete, bitumen at temperatures of -40 C to +150 C, metal, glued wooden structures, reinforced concrete buildings and bearing structure glue. PU glue foam polystyrene, foam polyurethane insulation boards gluing to surfaces to be isolated. Heat and sound insulation plate glue paste for armored door, for apartments, office premises, as well as producing doors for freezer farms. Certified wood fire protection coating "KAFUR-4", with fire protective effect. Fast drying varnish, high moisture resistant varnish, chemically and also mechanically resistant coating, hard flammable coating for wood. Coating for warehouses. Protective coating, protective coatings. Protection coverings: doors, walls, shelves, roof and attic structures, rafters, laths, fences, fences, etc.. Insulation. Cryogenic insulation materials, pipe and tank insulation, heat insulation for containers, pipes. Forbioplast. In cases, when building sites have specific operating conditions, we can advise and also offer other company, ( incl.. foreign) developments - both materials, as well as their application technologies, as well as to perform the necessary works. The total solution "weak" concrete create chemically, mechanical and moisture resistant floor. Qualified consultations. Facility inspection, assessment, execution of work throughout Latvia.