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Electric boiler repair fixing RODAIN Ltd.
Deep fryer repair RODAIN Ltd.
Mixer repair professional kitchen appliances RODAIN Ltd.
Pan repair RODAIN Ltd.
Pizza oven repair mending RODAIN Ltd.
Professional kitchen equipment repair RODAIN Ltd.
Dishwasher repair RODAIN Ltd.


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  1. 40003735570
  2. LV40003735570
  3. 29.03.2005
  4. Rīga, Dārzaugļu iela 1-213, LV-1012
  5. 2021

Catering company kitchen service

Ltd. Rodain master-technician, who has 20 years of experience working with professional kitchen appliances, offers a wide range of types and brands of professional kitchen equipment repair and maintenance of: electrical and gas stoves, electric and gas cookers, dishwashers, grills, fryers, mixers, vegetable shredders, meat grinders, potato cleaners, etc. - finding solutions to various non-standard problems as well.
The main task - diagnostics and repair of professional kitchen equipment, finding, supplying and replacement of necessary spare parts, equipment maintenance. Maris 28335565

Professionalism of Ltd. RODAIN master has been appreciated by and cooperates:

  • restaurant chain "Lido"
  • restaurant "36 LĪNIJA"
  • bakery "Bears"
  • recreation park "RĀMKALNI"
  • confectionery "DUKĀTS"
  • medieval restaurant "ROZENGRĀLS"
  • cafe "13 KRĒSLI"
  • restaurant "Sea"
  • restaurant "EL SANTO" and other
  • kitchen appliance repair is also offered to private individuals.



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