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Stevedoring services
Warehousing services
Port ship traffic


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Business data

  • EUR 1474782 / 2022
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  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40003953898
  2. LV40003953898
  3. 10.09.2007
  4. 10.09.2007
  5. Jūras iela 18, Salacgrīva, Limbažu nov., LV-4033

About the company

LTD SALACGRIVAS NORD TERMINALS is a stevedore company, which from 2010. operates in the port of Salacgriva. The company has been serving customers since 2003. in the pier built in 2012, which allows to accept ships with a draft of up to 5.7 m. Ship service 1. and 4. at the pier, draft 5.7m. 5. and 6. the piers have been extended for the parking of ships. The area of existing open cargo areas is almost 111,000 m²; . Good traffic, nearby "VIA Baltica" .



The company offers:

  • stevedore services, ie transshipment of various goods from the cargo area and cars to the ship and vice versa;
  • goods storage services in a warehouse;
  • port services.



The company offers services for the following product groups:

  • wood( saw logs, pulpwood, firewood, lumber, etc) ;
  • bulk cargo( wood shavings, chips, peat, etc) ;
  • ordinary cargo.



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