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Sewerage pumps, drainage pumps, mixers
Pump installation and maintenance
Consultations, delivery, installation, maintenance, repair
Sewerage pumps
Groundwater lowering equipment
Portable drainage pumps
Abrasive pumps
Drainage pumps
Waste water pumps
Propeller type pumps
Pumps for pumping large amounts of water


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Supply of pumps and equipment for sewage pumping and treatment systems, water supply and heating. Represents ITT FLYGT. Manufacture and delivery of automatic control equipment


Pumps, Waste water pumps, sewerage pumps, pump stations, water supply pumps, borehole pumps, quarry pumps. Drainage pumps, water pump repair, service. Pump repair, service. Portable drainage pumps( professional) . Mud pumps( abrasive mud, fluid, liquid pumping) . Pumps for large quantities of water and sewage pumping, pumping, pumping. ( POLDERU pumps) . Pumps for waste water pumping. Pumps for groundwater reduction. Drainage pumps. Propeller type pumps for pumping large quantities of liquid, pumping. Propeller pumps, ( propeller pumps) . Mixers, ( Flygt) . ( for waste water treatment) . In agriculture, in fish industry, in biogas production, ( for biogas reactors) for homogenization. For waste water treatment, for manure storage. Ejectors, ( ejector modules) purification equipment, aeration. Aeration systems, ( biological treatment plants, systems) . Control and monitoring equipment, pump controllers. Operator system control. Level sensors, level switches. Pumps with automatic washing( turbidity) valves. Automatic trash cleaners( in major pumping stations) . Automated control systems, sewerage pump stations. Pump repair, rental, ( rent) . GODWIN. LEOPOLD. LOWARA. SANITAIRE. VOGEL PUMPEN. WEDECO.