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Wax cream
Eye gel
Eye cream vs gel
Antioxidant serum
Orange hand cream
Regenerating ceramide cream
Regenerating face cream
Azelaic acid serum
C-Vit serum
Biphasic serum
Hyaluronic acid serum
Cream for men
Body scrub
Mother's butter
Moisturizing mask
Cosmetic production
Cosmetic production
Cosmetic production
Sunscreen oil
Serum with fruit acids
Wax cream with calendula

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  5. "Aizsili", Trikāta, Trikātas pag., Valmieras nov., LV-4731


Natural, harmless to the body and at the same time effective cosmetics that reflect the 30 years of experience in beauty care and creating well-being in our SPA salon "Līga" for clients. Each cosmetic product has its own, specially developed concept that helps to solve the skin care problems that our salon customers have encountered on a daily basis.
It is hand-made cosmetics from carefully selected raw materials, taking into account the latest discoveries in the organic cosmetics industry, as well as the organic origin of each ingredient and its beneficial effects on the skin and the body as a whole. "Līga Nature SPA" in the production of face and body cosmetics, we use only certified raw materials created in modern laboratories or obtained from organic farms, the operation of which is strictly monitored. In this way, we reduce the use and exposure of any substances harmful to the body and the environment "Līga Nature SPA" in cosmetics.



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