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UAB "Santavilte" is an automation and electrical engineering company focusing on energy, human resources and environmentally friendly technologies, and developing:-
- mechatronic and robotic systems;
- automation and automatic control systems of various technological processes;
- automatic control systems for refrigeration and building engineering systems (HVAC, lighting);
- multi-purpose and non-standard automatic control and testing systems,
- high-speed electrical and non-electrical measurement and data collection / recording systems;
- systems for measuring and improving electrical parameters (reactive power and harmonic compensation);
- transformation and control systems for hybrid energy (wind, diesel generators and cogeneration plants);
- monitoring systems for diesel engines, diesel and gas generators, monitoring systems for fishing vesels;

The company performs electrical system modeling, electrical and control system design, power and control cabinet assembly, PLC industrial and embedded computer base TwinCAT and Codesys programming, system diagnostics and repair works, design and installation of modern high-speed data transmission systems, remote Internet access to the supplied equipment services, maintenance, modernization of industrial robot programming and robot control systems, HMI / SCADA programming, equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance services.

The company offers a wide range of automation components. This includes:
- Beckhoff embedded and industrial computers, input / output modules, servo motors and servo drives, software,
- direct current DC drives, direct current drives,
- Block power supplies, filters, chokes, transformers,
- Copa Data Zenon, Idusoft Web Studio, Advatech WebAccess SCADA / HMI software,
- Advantech industrial computers and monitors,
- Emotron frequency converters and soft starters,
- Merus Power active harmonic filters,
- Building automation controllers, sensors, keypads,
- Used (Kuka, Fanuc) robots and original or new control systems for all types of robots.


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Advantech industrial computers, Advantech embedded computers, AMAX 5580, control panels, Codesys software, Codesys programming,
Electrical parameter measurements, power quality improvement, reactive power compensation, harmonic distortion compensation, active harmonic filters AHF, Merus Power AHF,
Emotron AFE, AFR, DSV, FDU, VFX frequency converters, soft starters, Emotron TSA, MSF Softstarter,
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