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About the company a licensed group of security companies. The civil liability of the company is insured in accordance with the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia, therefore the company is fully responsible for the safety of its customers and their property. The group of companies provides security services in the following cities: Riga, Riga region, Jurmala, Salaspils, Jelgava, Eleja, Aizkraukle, Pļaviņas, Gulbene, Kuldīga, Valmiera, Limbaži, Seda, Valka, Rūjiena, Aloja, Limbažu, Salacgrīva, Ainaži, Strenči.



  • Technical( control board) security
  • Video monitoring
  • Physical security
  • Security alarm
  • Video surveillance
  • Fire safety alarm
  • Access control systems
  • Object monitoring
  • Personnel control
  • Event security and escort( ensuring security)
  • Home security



Our employees are former and current employees of the structural unit of the Ministry of the Interior, employees of the structural units of the National Armed Forces of the Republic of Lithuania, employees of the structural units of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania with security certificates and special equipment. LTD "SECURITY LV" belongs to the group of security companies that provide security services throughout the territory of Latvia - 31( at thirty one) Latvian city where 45 are located( forty-five) vehicles belonging to the security group.



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Video camera testing in accordance with the specification, HIKVIZION, DAHAU, Axis.