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Partition wall
Partition walls
Samples of fabric materials
Samples of fabric materials
Illuminated letters
Information center
Information center
Information stand
Information stand
Intellectual information stand
Exhibition stand equipment design
A combination of light boxes and partitions
Combined LED light box
LED light box
LED light box
LED light box
LED light box
LED light box
LED light box
LED light box
LED lightboxes
Led light boxes
Material sample box
Material sample box
Artificial greens
Artificial greens
Shelf for samples of fabric materials
Movable furniture for fabric samples
Decorative partition wall
Example of studio visualization


  • 6 in january 2021, 18:03

    ❝Izcilas gaismas❞

  • 9 in april 2021, 12:43

    ❝Atsaucīgi, laipni un kvalitatīvi❞

  • 3 in august 2021, 18:11

    ❝I am proud to be part of this company's team. I am proud of the products manufactured by this company and the quality of the available products❞

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About the company

"Sign+Display" is a Norwegian company Ltd "Karlsberg" a subsidiary company. Since 1954. lTD "Karlsberg" is engaged in the production of advertising materials and packages. As the company has developed, we have purchased innovative equipment to improve technical support. Modern equipment and professional employees ensure that we are competitive in the advertising packaging production market both in Latvia and abroad.
2018. a new company SIA was founded in "Sign+Display", which develops design elements for exhibition equipment. This includes LED light boxes( or stands), light signs, letters and directions( with or without LED lights) . We produce various interior accents, such as elevations for placing products, information stands, stands and brochure holders, as well as tasteful, wooden, partition walls for exhibitions.



  • LED lightboxes
  • Exhibition equipment
  • Illuminated signs, letters and directions( with or without LED lights)
  • Information centers, racks and stands



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