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Sign + Display is a subsidiary of the Norwegian company SIA Karlsberg. Since 1954, SIA Karlsberg has been engaged in the production of advertising materials and packaging. As the company continues to grow, we continue to purchase new innovative equipment to provide the latest and most modern solutions to all our customers. Cutting edge equipment and professional staff make us a leader in the advertising packaging production market both in Latvia and abroad. In 2018 a new company SIA Sign + Display was founded, which develops design elements and exhibition advertising displays. This includes LED light boxes (or stands), light signs, letters and signs (with or without LED lights). S+D also produces various interior accents, such as product stands, information stands, stands and booklet holders, as well as tasteful wooden dividers and screens. Our LED light boxes attract the attention of visitors in stores and exhibitions all over the world. The banner that is featured on the light box is easy to change and anyone can do it. A high-quality wooden or metal frame combined with high print quality banners and LED lighting will give your brand a special accent and stand out among the rest. Production LED light boxes Exhibition equipment Illuminated signs, letters and indications (with or without LED lights) Information centers, stands


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