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Business data

  • EUR 8123213 / 2020
  • EUR 6400000 / 2013
  • 69
  • Asia/Pacific, Central Asia, Middle East, Central/East Europe, West Europe
  • United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Republic Of Korea, Pakistan
  • Exporter, Producer

Legal data

  1. 44103008352
  2. LV44103008352
  3. 25.11.1994
  4. "Briede", Zilākalna pag., Valmieras nov., LV-4222
  5. 2021


Woodworking company Ltd "Silviko", was established in 1994. in Valmiera. The main activity of the company is timber processing. Timber for construction is sawn, dried and planed in production workshops located in Zilākalns and Jeru parishes. The applied technologies and more than 20 years of experience allow us to produce products of virtually any specification. The company also produces litter shavings and fuel pellets. LTD "Silviko" most of the production, which is about 80%, is exported to Japan, 10% to East Asian countries( South Korea, Pakistan) and 10% are sold in the European Union and Latvian markets.



Sawn wood, planed wood, debarked wood, cut timber treated timber,
softwood boards, wooden board cladding, timber drying, timber aging,
timber sawing, timber planing, services, wood products, wooden products
for industrial use, wood products trade, granules softwood, fir,
wood chip bedding, pellets, heating pellets, boards, beams, laths,
floor boards, cladding boards, fuel pellets, sawdust bedding for horses,
spruce sawdust bedding for horses, timber material processing, timber
processing in Zilākalna parish, timber processing in Jeru parish,
planed timber, timber for construction, any specifications output,
special specification product, exports to Japan, exports to Asia,
exports to East Asia, exports to EU, exports to European Union countries,
skilled workers, quality, professional qualification, recognized experts.